Our Waffles

The Waffle recipes are our creations. We enjoy creating our own unique, one of a kind recipes, and are always exploring new ideas for food. Feeding our customers makes us happy!
Waffles are a substantial meal or a delightful anytime snack. We believe that the ingredients in our Waffles are essential to the total experience and the quality of all of our products, therefore our Waffles are made from a homemade fat free, low sugar, and only egg white batter using the finest and natural ingredients, which give the Waffle a fresh and authentic taste with a wonderful flavor and crunch.
When preparing the Waffle dough, all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed for a uniform distribution. When heated in a Waffle iron, the Waffle produces a slightly crispy exterior and leaving the center soft, chewy, and delicately warm. Our Waffles can be enjoyed plain, although any of our toppings, syrups, and ice cream are always a great addition.
We feel that there really is no other way to serve Waffles than to make and serve them fresh. When we say "fresh", we mean it. We press it, bake it and create it right in front of your eyes the moment you order. We hope that our customers can taste and appreciate the difference.
Our goal is to put a smile on your face from your very first bite. We know you will enjoy eating our creations as much as we enjoy making them, so stop on by and give it a try!